Having confidence!

We understand that as an employer you need to feel confident that your recruitment providers are not only offering you real value, but are also able to represent your business to the highest possible standards. Our experienced consultants have real credibility giving you confidence in that you have the highest calibre people acting for you.

With Elliott Barton, we aim to take the pain and inefficiencies out of recruiting. We will not only provide the best candidates, but also a first class customer experience, taking the pressure off you. We are a small team that is passionate about doing a great job for a fair level of investment.

In a nutshell, we provide:

  • A dedicated consultant with industry experience, to work closely with you to understand your requirements, your business' culture and products. We work hard to ensure that we can represent you as well as you can yourself – we want to be an extension of your business!
  • A tailored approach. We keep you fully informed throughout the process with regular, honest updates on our progress.
  • Candidates of the highest standard. Yes that should be obvious, but many recruitment providers will just send you piles of CV’s hoping one will stick. We are not about volume, we are a people business and that means treating our clients and candidates as individuals with different needs.
  • Confidence that every single candidate we send through will have been through a pre-selection process and you will receive a detailed summary of their background.
  • A summary of each candidates' skillsets (CV), mindset and how they approach their jobs. It’s about much more than a CV!!!
  • Sales/HR outsourcing and consultancy services from consultants who have worked in industry giving you experienced sales and HR guidance or outsourcing your Sales and HR requirements in full or in part.

What next?

So, if you are looking for additional help with your recruitment or Sales and HR requirements, get in touch and we will start to build a plan that works for you.