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Thursday, May 11, 2017

As the owner of a recruitment business, I speak to our clients on a regular basis to understand and discuss their challenges relating to attracting and retaining the best talent. The biggest obstacle they face is firstly getting the best talent to leave their current role, but then to ensure that the talent chooses them.

Its no easy task and is a headache for any company that truly looks for the best talent. Unless you have millions to spend on employer branding and incredible benefits, you have to rely on building a great culture and provide career and development opportunities. How do you promote how good an employer you are, that you have great products or services, or that you offer great Training?

Its not as straight forward as you think, and don't forget that you might feel you are a great employer, but you can bet that there will be at least a few other employers trying to win the hearts of the top talent. You have to think about it and put a plan in place.

Think about your own employer brands, make sure you are always sharing relevant news about the company's successes and make sure you have testimonials on your site, showcasing people within your company that have been successful - real life examples are very powerful!

From good employer branding to making sure you make the interview experience a positive one, you MUST invest in SELLING your company as the best. It also helps to have a great recruitment partner who acts as your representative in this very candidate driven market.

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